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What is the role of curb?How to use
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Curb is a subsidiary facility of urban roads, which has two main functions:

1 Limit the vehicles can only drive in the driveway, in order to separate the crowd and vehicles, inducing sight; 

2) Centralized drainage. But in the highway, the first role has been replaced by guardrail, and the second role of the play is very limited. As the current highway linear parameters to improve the larger, most of the road has not been set ultra-high, not only to set ultra-high, but also most of the two-way slope, so most of the Central Division of the road Section and no road flow through, there is no centralized drainage problems. For the local ultra-high setting is large, has formed a one-way slope of the road, if the central edge of the stone, the central separation belt drainage problems to be further proof. (Two kinds of reference solutions are presented later.)

The central drainage of the lateral curb of the road is certainly not a little, but for security reasons, the western approach is to abolish the road edge of stone, replaced by slope grass protection, this scheme is not only to protect the traffic safety of vehicles, but also more reasonable in the economy.