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The Market Strategy Of Combining Stone Art
- Oct 11, 2018 -

 in terms of stone marketing, enterprises can combine stone with other fields such as art, science and even tourism and culture.I object to the display of waste materials or SLATE, because what architects or builders value more is the use of these stones.At the world stone conference held during the 10th xiamen international stone fair, Peter Becker, a researcher from the famous German stone website BusinessStone, talked about how to exploit the Chinese stone market.

He thinks, no matter be Chinese stone enterprise or foreign stone enterprise, Chinese market cannot ignore.These enterprises should use all sorts of means, give Chinese consumer more opportunity understanding, understand natural stone material, so they are building a house or when decorating his home, will think of stone material first."There is a good marketing strategy in the south of France: there is a stone field where a famous painter created his famous works, and now this once forgotten place has opened a channel for the world to know the painter and his works.The tourism initiative is a great opportunity for the stone industry to get projects to showcase their stone enterprises and products.For example, says Peter Becker.The idea is to combine stone with art and artists.

"To make this marketing strategy of combining art more effective, it is necessary to hold events that attract a large audience, such as engraving workshops.Stone companies can supply raw stones to artists.Even stone tool makers can get publicity.But thematic will be just the simplest way to market.Better still would be to hold events to show people the new USES of stone.Peter Becker said.

Peter Becker goes on to introduce several low-cost marketing methods: the Spanish artist got all the audience to walk barefoot through wet marble floors, and the audience was thrilled by the unusual experience.On the gobi desert, an Australian artist painted a very long stone wall, spanning mountains and valleys, combining stone marketing with quarrying.In Italy, an artist paints on abandoned stones to make them look like faces - "the stone field where people live" is the name of the playground.

In addition, stone fields that are still being mined can hold marketing campaigns.For example, a concert or stage play under stone walls is an unforgettable experience.Although such activities require significant investment, some sites are willing to spend money to improve the site's image