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The Development Foreground Of Landscape Stone
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The Chinese garden has left a splendid achievement in the history of the World Garden art. However, after the 19th century century, due to the invasion of the imperialist powers and the disintegration of the old Chinese social system, the social factors and economic foundation for the survival of Chinese gardens have undergone fundamental changes. The influence of foreign culture, especially the colonial culture, on Chinese gardens is becoming more and more obvious. At this time, the development of Western Gardens is very rapid, in the content and type gradually mature and perfect.

  It can be said that the development of modern Chinese gardens is entirely under the influence of Western gardens, and walk to today's paces. In the past one and a half century, although the development of Chinese garden has made great progress, it has not been able to form a modern garden culture with Chinese regional culture characteristics.

  In addition to social and economic factors, another important reason is that we blindly copy the content and methods of Western gardens, while ignoring the natural landscape resources and regional cultural characteristics of China, the construction of Chinese gardens become source.

  Therefore, in order to make progress in our modern garden, we must study the traditional gardens deeply, distill the native features of Chinese garden culture, discard the historical limitation of traditional gardens, grasp the realistic meaning of traditional ideas and integrate the environmental demands of modern life. In a word, the development trend of modern garden stone landscape should be: Inheriting the tradition, absorbing the essence, taking the length of the West, supplementing the short of Chinese garden, combining the connotation of Chinese cultural thought with the Western modern idea, creating the modern garden with Chinese characteristics, and designing it with rigorous attitude along the cultural context.

To adapt to the psychological characteristics of modern people close to nature, taking the ecological benefit as the aim, using new materials and new technology to create the mountain landscape works of the era, and to combine with other material elements, in order to build a beautiful and lively natural landscape, to create a fresh and tranquil ecological environment, and then create a glorious era of Chinese gardens.