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The 2018 Verona International Stone Fair In Italy Was Grandly Opened!
- Sep 27, 2018 -

On September 26th, the 2018 Verona International Stone Fair in Italy was grandly opened at the Verona International Exhibition Center in Italy. The exhibition was held for three days and was hosted by the Italian VERONAFIERE exhibition company. The theme of the exhibition was “Water and Stone”. Promote the development of various industries in Italy, and promote the matching of supply and demand, and provide more cooperation possibilities for buyers and suppliers around the world.

At the exhibition, the crowds are surging. As the annual top stone feast, the Verona Stone Exhibition gathers the elites of all kinds of stone, and gathers all kinds of cutting-edge stone products. Every year, the stone industry and design trends are radiated from Italy to the world. All over the place.