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New Road Edge Stone Construction Process
- Aug 15, 2018 -

The construction process of the new road Edge Stone is as follows:

1 open holes in the corresponding parts of the rainwater well, the number and size of the holes and the Konghan of the new curb; the holes in the wellbore of rainwater well should be inclined from outward to inward, the hole should not be less than 5 ° along the inclination angle, and lower than 15 ° along the tilt angle. 

2 Pouring fine stone concrete foundation, placing the road margin stone, the margin stone is common precast concrete.

For the road that only sets the flat edge stone, when pouring the fine stone concrete Foundation, should leveling the foundation the façade.

3 Leveling Foundation and to ensure the formation of new road edge Stone notch, it is advisable to Konghan on the basis of mortar surface treatment.

4 The new road edge stone, ordinary concrete layer in the upper, porous concrete layer under, there are Konghan side of the edge of the stone.

5 The Konghan of each of the 2 rainwater wells are inspected to ensure the Konghan communication between the wells in the 2 rainwater wells.

6 before the construction of the surface, the edge of the upper layer of ordinary concrete coating oil, coating the oil should be shielded from the lower layer of porous concrete side.

7 The remaining construction requirements with the existing road edge stone construction technology.