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Marble Sill Plate Installation Process
- Aug 14, 2018 -

1, grass-roots cleaning The base should have sufficient rigidity and stability.

Base surface should be smooth and clean, smooth base surface to be used for drilling, in order to facilitate the basic and decorative panels, concrete on the surface of the protruding part to be leveled, and then watered moist.

2, wipe the bottom ash

Wipe the thick 12mm of 1:3 cement Mortar, find the rules, with a short wood carpenter scraping flat, and scratched.

3. Locating the elastic line In accordance with the design drawings and the actual pasted parts, as well as the use of Windowsill panel specifications, size pop-up horizontal and vertical lines.

To ensure that the plate seam tight, no water seepage, the elastic line when considering the width of the joint panel, generally not less than 1mm.

4. Paste Decoration Panel First sprinkle on the bottom of the dust on the wetting, and on the surface will be pasted a thin scraping of the cement slurry, then the selection of a good after the wet, dry in the back of the stone windowsill board 2-3mm thick cement paste, paste, affixed with a wooden hammer lightly percussion, so that the fixed, paste should be at any time with a ruler leveling find straight, And the use of stent stability by the ruler, and then wipe out the mortar to avoid contamination of adjacent finishes.

For small areas, you can also use epoxy resin and other adhesives directly inlaid paste