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How To Add Value Of Stone Products
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The history of China's stone industry development is still not long, stone industry is a sunrise industry, its development prospects, market space is very broad.Although in recent years, a large number of imported stones have poured into the Chinese market, this is still a good thing. The introduction of raw materials, semi-finished products, mechanical equipment and processing technology has effectively promoted the rapid and sustainable development of China's stone industry.The ability to accept new things, use new equipment, learn new technology and collect new information is an important part of the development of stone enterprises, and is crucial to add value to stone products.

Throughout stone enterprises, large scale and strength of the enterprise, its product objectives, market positioning is very clear, and have a great future, therefore, the new technology and equipment, is the first time rob collar, the original production capacity and bring great economic benefits, no wonder these companies earn rich, splended concept, transcendental consciousness, is not may lack the quality of the contemporary stone entrepreneurs.

But there are always business owners who are willing to wait and wait for new equipment and technology to be tested and successful.These business owners cannot be said to be conservative, but at least have little courage, fear of loss, and eventually lag behind.Very simple, nowadays, the tide of world adornment is incline to restore ancient ways, incline to natural colour, be like stone Mosaic, imitate ancient stone became the leading role of adornment restoring ancient ways.What was popular in the 1920s and 1930s is being put on a fashionable status again today, which is the promotion of the virtuous circle of society.The shrewd and discerning entrepreneur grasps the retro information, designs and produces the archaistic mosaics, and the archaistic stone becomes the emperor lady of the market.In accordance with international and national requirements and standards, the building trend towards green building materials, of course, its price will continue to rise, the community is still acceptable.

Say archaize stone in detail, ever use means to burn, axe chop make, the effect how?How expensive is the production?Many people indicates that in order to make archaize stone to ensure the superior quality, also reduce the production cost, fire, ax chop is not cost-effective, at present the first and then practical also can greatly reduce the cost of it is washed sandblast, make archaize stone with high pressure water washing, broad application of stone, glass, metal surface cleaning processing, it not only can be used for specification plate thickness, the most wonderful place, even the 0.5 cm sheet can also create litchi surface, burning face, antiquity surface and so on, and texture is clear, beautiful, full of natural feeling.Now, there are some enterprises just research free manufacture this kind of archaize stone washing machine, this kind of machine performance compared to other commonly used way is more superior, have the high efficiency, energy saving, low cost, environmental protection and to the specification stone material even after processing does not change color, does not burst and so on advantage.Under the condition of high pressure water and river sand is used as the material, water and river sand can be recycling use again, a rough calculation, washing machine each square cost price is 1.5 yuan, compared to other equipment and the way a small percentage is only a fraction of even, profits here, money is earned from here, added value is available here.

In a word, the added value of stone products comes from technology, equipment, as well as the ideas and courage of entrepreneurs.In the journey of stone industry development, dare to think and dare to do, dare the predecessors of the superior, the victory will be in your hand, in the rapidly changing science and technology world, first learn and introduce new technology, new equipment, new products, the first bucket of gold is only you.