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Hong Kong-zhuhai-macao Bridge Opened, The World's Most Proud Of China!
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The opening ceremony of the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge was held in zhuhai, guangdong on the morning of 23rd.

Xi attended the ceremony and announced the official opening of the bridge.

It was more than three hours' drive from Hong Kong to zhuhai and Macao.

Now in 30 minutes,

People in guangdong, Hong Kong and macau eagerly anticipate the "one-hour life circle in the greater bay area"

Is taking shape.

A bridge flies north and south, and the graben becomes open.

This bridge is not easy,

It has set several world records.

After years of painstaking efforts by designers and builders,

It is innovative technology, advanced technology standing in lingdingyang.

As one of the most important infrastructure projects in the greater bay area,

With its opening,

Will certainly play an irreplaceable role.

This magnificent bridge,

Be proud of China!