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Christmas Charity Activities In 2018
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Christmas is a relatively grand festival in western countries, just like we Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival.At present, due to the integration of Chinese and western cultures, people in many economically developed and developed cities in China also celebrate Christmas.However, there are still some remote and poor rural areas in China. Due to the relatively closed information and underdeveloped economy, people there hardly know about the western culture of Christmas.

This Christmas, some staff representatives of our company came to the primary school of banhu village where the factory is located with gifts and love, and spent Christmas with the children there.We tell the origin of Christmas in detail and vividly for the children, and some foreign Christmas activities and customs.At last, we took the gifts we brought as Christmas gifts and gave them to the children in school. The children were very excited and happy when they got the gifts.Our actions were also welcomed and appreciated by teachers and local villagers.

Mr. Zhu liqiu, our general manager, once said, "we should never forget those who dig Wells when drawing water. We should not forget our social responsibilities while making our company successful. Every year, we should devote part of our funds to public welfare and repay the society."


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