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Because Of The Insult To China By D&G, Some Stone Carving Products With Chinese Cultural Characteristics Were Displayed
- Nov 23, 2018 -

In the last two days, the incident of D&G insulting China has made Chinese people all over the world angry. Although today, D&G issued an apology and said "sorry" in Chinese, I think it is difficult to get forgiveness.In a statement, D&G said Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and that they have not fully understood it and will continue to learn about it.I quite agree with them on this point, so we also provide some stone carvings with Chinese cultural characteristics to show the Chinese stone culture.These products are handmade by the senior craftsmen in our factory, and are only a little fur of the extensive stone carving culture.


(blue stone flower pots)


(blue stone Kylin carving )


(blue stone carving tables and bench)