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Application effect and function of landscape stone in life
- Aug 14, 2018 -

With the high development of science and technology, the vigorous development of economy has brought unprecedented splendid brilliance to human society. However, while using nature and transforming nature, mankind is destroying the natural environment on which human beings depend. The increasingly serious "greenhouse effect", the capricious "El Niño" phenomenon, all make mankind feel the revenge of nature, this is the contradiction between human and natural development.

At present, people have recognized this contradiction, but also realized that only the balance can be found in order to make the contradictions between the two sides of common survival and harmonious development. City dwellers are tired of the noise and crowding of the city, and more and more people want to be in the arms of nature. Bathe in the sun, air and flowers of nature again. But in the modern city, the natural landscape is getting less and more, everywhere is full of artificial environment, people can't smell the sunshine, air, flowers and pleasant scenery of nature, hope to reproduce the beauty of nature in the city. Although the urban space does not allow more natural scenery, but people use the symbol, fusion, introduction and other means, the use of dots, lines, surface space layout form, in a limited space to introduce natural landscape, to appreciate the nature of the people bring fresh and pleasant beauty, feel the fragrance of nature. To protect nature and recreate nature has become the trend of modern garden development. Under the influence of this trend, the rock as the material of gardening is valued and promoted vigorously.

The use of rocks to create a beautiful landscape, so as to improve the living environment of mankind, to meet the human nature of life beauty beauty of the pursuit, so that the harmonious coexistence of human and natural development, which is in today's society, the significance of mountain landscape.