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What does windowsill stone shop have to notice?
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Modern housing construction in the residential will design windowsills, this design is loved by the public.With popular, this has become the focus on decorating, decorate windowsill everyone love choose high-end stone brick, the windowsill stone is one of the more commonly used, the advantage of the windowsill stone is can make your own home can have a very good brightness, so after the launch of marble can make the room bright sunshine comes in, and marble stone window don't fade easily, but also can keep the original brightness.What do we need to pay attention to in order to make the whole decoration perfect?

There are four points for attention:

1. Many pieces of jointed windowsill plates are uneven and not straight: the length and width of the processed windowsill plates are out of tolerance and the thickness is inconsistent.When construction, attention should be paid to the same specifications in the same location.Must check foundation level first, use the big core board that decorate to use as far as possible after leveling again laid artificial marble.

2. When the windowsill stone is laid, it needs to have a cushion layer, and the upper part must have a cushion layer of box body plate no less than 1.5 cm thick;The understop water of mesa must add double layer artificial stone, and want to stick firm, even, join face is level, full besmear join glue, in order to enhance mesa strength, prevent break;When the temperature is low, do not continue grinding in one place to prevent local heating.

3. Windowsill plate cannot be inserted into the hat head groove of the lower floor of the window: the installation conditions of windowsill plate should be checked before construction. Premounting should be insisted during construction and fixed after meeting the requirements.

4. False bottom cushion of windowsill plate: loose ash, inconsistent elevation of windowsill plate leveling bar, uneven;In the construction of every process, leveling.Solid, hard twist and firm fixation.

Master these four points, and the paving is almost ok!