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Uses of Natural Stone
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Types of Projects

Throughout history, natural stone has been the premier building material all over the world. Its timeless elegance and lasting durability made it ideal in countless applications for European, Egyptian and Asian royalty. Even today, natural stone preserves the legacies of kingdoms, families, businesses, and nations. Building genuinely means using pure stone in all your applications and never settling for less than authenticity.

Commercial Exterior

Because it is natural, it is ideal for exterior applications. It needs virtually no maintenance, and thus is for creations that are meant to last.

Some commercial exterior uses of stone include building façade, curbing, streetscape and landscaping, stairs, driveways, walkways, stepping stones, retaining walls, columns, monuments, sculptures, memorials, garden pathways, garden benches, and any other application you desire

Commercial Exterior

Natural stone makes your projects more prominent and exquisite. People perceive natural stone to be high quality and to have high value. Because this perception is true, the more genuinely you build, the more weight your vision will carry.

Some commercial interior uses of stone include office building lobbies, bathrooms, floors, walls, vanities, sinks, reception areas, conference room tables, hospital operatories, and entryways

Residential Exterior

Because natural stone is so versatile, homeowners can be very creative in how they frame their home. From cobblestone walks to fountains to trim on the house, natural stone naturally enhances the beauty and stature of any home.

Some residential exterior uses of stone include pavers, patios, landscaping, trim, curbing, driveways, pools, columns, posts, stairs, retaining walls, walkways, stepping stones, garden benches, and façades.

Residential Interior

Natural stone makes homes more sophisticated and elegant. People perceive it to be high quality and to have high value. Because this perception is true, the more genuinely homeowners build, the more unique their home will be. Not only will the resale value be higher, but their home will be as genuine as they are.

Some residential interior uses of natural stone include kitchen & bath countertops, backsplashes, islands, floors, walls, bathtubs, showers, sinks, hallways, fireplaces, hearths, mantles, desktops, vanities, decorative hood surrounds, entryways, and many others.


Natural stone beautifies outdoor surroundings perfectly because of its natural origin. It strikes a sublime balance between the elements and foliage—giving the grounds a genuine organic feel.

Some landscaping uses of natural stone include stepping stones, pathways, benches, fountains, garden trim, pavers, walkways, walls, and sculptures.