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The processing and installation of blue stone table countertop
- Sep 28, 2018 -

1. The connection mouth

In order to avoid plate cracking and obtain the best processing effect, the following factors must be taken into account in the selection of connection site:

Interface should avoid the location of the cooker or basin, and should not be connected with 45o in the corner, and should not be connected with the pot hole (no less than 80mm).

The location of water basin is generally taken as the length of the cabinet.The position that kitchen provides commonly takes in with smoke machine.

2. The corner

In L model and U model ambry, mesa should be by two above board joining together and become, joining together the position is chosen in the corner.Monolith plates cannot be processed because l-type plates tend to break under thermal expansion, cold shrinkage or mechanical stress.

3. Holes and grooves

Hole openings should be selected as far as possible in the factory according to the measurement drawing to reduce the field hole openings;The rounded hole was selected with the lowest cracking rate.

If the distance between the excavated part and the table joint is less than 150mm, this area needs to be supported by wood or artificial stone.

Prohibits cutting the inner Angle into right angles by crossing cutting.When cutting, please use a cold water tool to avoid cracks.

Gaps of 3-5mm should be left around the hole of the basin stove to avoid cracking due to small hole extrusion, and at the same time to prepare for later expansion processing needs.

blue limestone countertop004.jpg

4. End surface polishing

Polishing and polishing at the spot splicing of mesa must be in the same color with other parts to achieve uniform level polishing;Must use cold water tool when polishing, avoid sheet because of be heated and break, forbid hand to hit millstone quartz surface.

5. Levelness

Floor cabinets must be level, with upper and lower error less than 1.5mm, and full pads must be solid to ensure the same level and no deformation.Between mesa and cabinet put cannot have overhead, if do not have cabinet put oneself in another's position, must make support processing in overhead place;Level of integral ambry asks: the absolute value of adjacent two points is not equal to or equal to 0.5mm, integral absolute value is not equal to or equal to 3 mm