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The form of kerb stone.
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The existing kerb stone usually has two forms, one for ordinary concrete prefabrication, one for stone processing, they are impervious materials. The foundation of curb is generally fine concrete and impervious material. As the ground floor for the thickness of the solid foundation layer, for impermeable water, combined with kerb stone and the bottom of the foundation are impervious, resulting in the surface of the interior can not penetrate or through the kerb stone and the basis of the discharge. The pavement structure layer and the surface layer and the grass-roots interface can not discharge the pavement structure smoothly, which is one of the causes of the early damage of the pavement. Based on a patented technology, a new type of concrete kerb stone was designed.

The new kerb stone can discharge the interior water from the pavement layer and is not quite as expensive as the usual kerb stone.