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The difference between stone protection and stone maintenance
- Oct 16, 2018 -

In recent years, the utilization rate of stone material has increased year by year, and the care of stone material has been paid more and more attention.A lot of people are right stone material protects stone material to maintain have no concept, feel is a meaning, meet stone material problem at ordinary times also can casual reply, do stone material to protect or do stone material to nurse can.Actually otherwise, Chinese character is extensive and profound, stone material industry also more and more standard, so stone material maintains with defend want to distinguish.

I. stone protection:

Stone protection is the prevention and protection of stone lesions.

Protection work is in front of the stone laying, construction work, this work mainly by coating protective agent (such as Shi Dafu disease-resistant agent), in order to prevent the stone in the later in the process of using the flood water, bai hua (whiskering), water spots, yellow rust, the occurrence of such phenomena as per side, these lesions guiding factors, control in advance, and thus protect the stone is not affected by the factors such as water, has reached the purpose.Still have is after stone material is protected, in order to avoid stone material pathological change or alleviate pathological change speed, also can undertake protective work

Ii. Stone curing:

Stone maintenance, look at the literal meaning, need to stone maintenance care.

Maintenance work is in stone material to use, to make the stone more beautiful, more can reflect its use value and maintenance measures, main methods are snip leveling, stone, no joint disease processing, color processing, add hard processing stone, stone repair, wax crystallization processing, stone material and so on in the same stone material ground, Shi Dafu warm prompt: stone protection is commonly 3-5 years to do a, often do not need.Maintenance of stone material needs regular and regular nursing, crystallization is dealt with in 2-6 months commonly, and decide according to specific circumstance, the room of office of star class hotel is waited, the stone of high frequency use section, the frequency that its crystallization is dealt with is controlled in 2 times every month commonly.

The distinction that knew stone material protects and stone material to maintain, can judge according to the circumstance of stone material, need to undertake which stone material nurses job.If the protection work is not done, or not done well, in the future stone maintenance process, it will be very difficult.Want stone material to use longer, defend, maintain very important.