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The conception of new curb
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The new road Edge Stone uses the upper and lower double-layer compound structure, the upper layer is ordinary concrete, the lower layer is the porous concrete, thus causes the road edge stone lower layer to have the seepage function; curb the outer side of the back is at least in the porous concrete layer with curb longitudinal extension of the concave notch Konghan, so that Ordinary concrete is used in the upper layer of curb to avoid the water flowing from the pavement to the pavement structure, at the same time make the surface has strong structural strength, the lower layer adopts porous concrete to form permeable layer, so that the water in the pavement structure can be smoothly discharged through this permeable layer (usually the same cross section of road, the road is higher than both sides, The inner water of the pavement structure flows to both sides under the action of gravity, and reaches the surface of porous concrete which enters the edge stone.

Curb in the outer side of the porous concrete in the hole in the longitudinal extension of the inner concave notch Konghan, seepage and drainage guidance into the roadside and other rain wells, so that the complete discharge of the internal water pavement structure.