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The advantage of stone Mosaic
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Stone Mosaic is the natural stone material open interfaces, cutting, grinding into various specifications, piecing up Mosaic block in the form of Mosaic, is one of the most ancient and traditional Mosaic varieties, one of the earliest Mosaic is to use small stones inlaid, collage and become, with pure natural stone Mosaic, natural texture, there is a very natural natural stone texture, style is natural, of primitive simplicity, elegance, Mosaic family is the highest level of species, according to its process is different, have a dumb smooth and light face two forms, specifications are square, bar, rounded shape, round and irregular plane, rough surface, etc.Decorate wall or floor with this kind of material, retained the plain feeling of natural stone material itself already, make design is rich again.

Natural marble Mosaic is to use the machine cut into very small particles, pure manual composition, because Mosaic material has durability, won't because of environmental time and flaking, discoloration, belonging to high-grade decorative products, color and lustre is pure, elegant and easy, have durable, never fade characteristics.Widely used in all kinds of architectural decoration, interior decoration, is the ideal high-end decoration products.

blue limestone mosaic003.jpg

Stone material Mosaic concurrently has the characteristic of stone material and Mosaic, want to use special stone material cleaner when cleanness, want to notice the crack place of every small brick at the same time also should be cleaned in time.Standard products of stone Mosaic are divided into six categories, which are mold Mosaic, small particle Mosaic, 3D Mosaic, fracture plane Mosaic, Mosaic carpet and castle brick.Mosaic products are not equal to edge-to-edge products: general edge-to-edge or scrap will not be able to meet the needs of a mass-produced, large-scale standardized product that meets the needs of the market.At this point, to carry out the normal production supply, then only open or open the raw materials to achieve.Mold mosaics can also be said to be the Mosaic with seam.The whole structure is a discontinuous Mosaic product arranged in order according to certain gap standards, position standards and pattern distribution requirements among different types of small standardized units.

The biggest advantage of Mosaic Mosaic is broken stone material is neat delimit a linear appearance, curve is fruity, downy and natural.Change is multiterminal, collect traditional aesthetic interest and modern craft at one body, already elegant and noble, again vigor shoot, added lasting appeal and move feeling for stone material.Match different brick material to build by laying bricks one by one, the flexible and changeful characteristic of Mosaic can get more fully play, make whole picture more diversity, achieve mutual set off effect.