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Style of outdoor stone fountain
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Outdoor stone fountains come in all shapes and sizes.Here are just a few big categories:

Detached fountain

Free-standing fountains are often the biggest focal point in a courtyard, flower bed, or lawn.It doesn't need a pool to hold it.The fountain usually has a lower bowl to serve as a reservoir.It is easy to install and usually comes with a built-in pump.

The classic freestanding bowl-shaped fountain has water spurting from its center.These types of fountains are sometimes fitted with a lamp and colored lenses, and the lights look beautiful at night.There is also a freestanding fountain that holds up a large ball at the top of the stanchion.A jet of water was formed from the top ball, and the water ended up in the pool at the top of the column.

Laser fountain and spray fountain

Jets of water are sprayed in different patterns in the air and can be manually adjusted to different heights and shapes.Also known as a fountain, the aerator in the fountain pool switches nozzles at different voltages.In addition to its enjoyment, there are more practical purposes for increasing humidity in the air.If a spray fountain is used in a pond or lake, it greatly increases the oxygen content, which can increase the growth of your aquatic vegetation and Marine life while reducing the growth of algae.

Wall-mounted fountain

If you have a small yard but still want an extra decoration, consider the wall-mounted fountain.They are generally lighter weight, convenient to connect without the need for complex accessories.The fountain wall is usually supported by a rectangle or oval, connected to a nearby faucet, and the water flows gently into the small pool at the bottom of the fountain.

Solar fountain

Enjoy the sound of water without having to wire it.The pumps and filters of solar fountains operate with sunlight.The biggest advantage is that it USES free solar energy.There is no need to worry about your electric bill.

If you're looking for a solar fountain that works at night, there's no better.Not only is it powered by solar power, but it has a backup battery that can last about four hours without the sun.