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Stone countertop cabinet classification introduction
- Sep 28, 2018 -
  • Stone table cabinet -- marble

  • Marble table is not deformed, high hardness, wear resistance.After long-term natural aging, the structure of the rock is uniform, the linear expansion coefficient is very small, and the internal stress is completely disappeared without deformation.Not afraid of acid, alkali erosion, not rusting, do not need oil, not easy to stick and dust, maintenance, maintenance convenient and simple, long service life.Marble ambry mesa has very strong resist abrasion, bear high temperature, avoid the characteristic that maintain, won't appear Nick, do not suffer constant temperature condition to stop, also can maintain its original physics performance under normal temperature.

  • Stone table cabinet - artificial stone

  • Artificial stone table is made by adding artificial fiber into stone powder through high temperature and pressure.Artificial stone material is more wear-resisting, acidproof, high temperature resistant, resisting impact, resisting pressure, resisting folding, resisting osmosis and other functions are also very strong, and its deformation, adhesion, turning lamp parts have unique treatment;Because the surface has no pores, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it. Therefore, it has strong anti-fouling force and can be glued seamlessly at any length. The adhesive of the same material will polish the two pieces after bonding.

  • Stone table cabinet -- natural stone

  • Natural stone has beautiful texture, hard texture, excellent scratch resistance and good abrasion resistance.Natural stone material has pore, easy accumulate deposit oil dirty, and natural marble brittleness is big, cannot make width more than 1 meter mesa, the mesa that makes with natural stone material can have juncture, these juncture also easy hide dirt and scale, affect sanitation;Cost is low, design and color each has different, most commonly used a few kinds of price are only a few hundred yuan one meter, belong to economy actual benefit a kind of mesa material, and high-grade natural stone mesa price also is in 1000 yuan left and right sides.