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Method of cleaning natural stones contaminated by glue
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The use of glue in life is actually a lot of phenomenon, especially specialized in the glue industry, or the place to interact with glue;But what should be done about the contamination of natural stone by glue?Think about the existence of natural stone, after the "baptism" of glue, how to operate can save the consequences?

Usually some kind of glue pollution, if it is water-based glue, can be washed with the regular wash solution.If the contamination caused by surface hardening is caused by some epoxy resin glue, marble glue, AB glue, instant glue, etc., it can be scraped with sharp blade, and the remaining part can be removed with paraffin remover.

If you encounter the contamination of natural stone by glue, you might as well try the above method to clean it, I believe you will get the unexpected effect, and if the effect is not very ideal, you can consult experienced or professional people to get the cleaning of natural stone contaminated by glue!