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Installation technology of stone fence
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Stone fence installation is a good project.Stone fencing has long been used to protect animals and poultry from accidental damage.

Step 1

Calculate the length and required height of stone fence.Take the GPS (global positioning system) along the route of the new fence.This will effectively measure and plot distances.

Step 2

Find the right stone within the budget.Most stone fences are built using locally available stones.Granite and limestone are the most common types of stone fence buildings.

Step 3

Cut the stone into rough rectangular shapes.The stone size can vary to increase the contrast of the fence.These stones can usually be cut in advance from local quarries or stone vendors.

Step 4

Dig a trench where you need to install a stone fence, fill it with loose gravel, and install large, flat stones onto the sand to lay a solid foundation.

Step 5

Leave some space between the fences for the water to flow through.

Step 6

Continue to install the stones in a row, multiple loops of a solid stone staggered pattern of joints.If dry stone fencing is not installed, mortar can be used between the stones.Lay the stone until it reaches the required height.