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How to choose Mosaic
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Mosaics can be divided into several different kinds according to materials and processes. Mosaics made of glass can be divided into machine single-side cutting, machine double-side cutting and manual cutting, etc. Mosaics made of non-glass materials can be divided into ceramic Mosaic, stone Mosaic, metal Mosaic and so on.

It is mainly used for wall and floor decoration.As a result of Mosaic its single unit area is small, colour kind is various, have infinite combination way, it can the inspiration of the modelling of stylist and design shows incisively and vividly, show its distinctive artistic glamour and individual character temperament heartily.It is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment places, residential walls and floors and art decal.

Because technical content is opposite at large area wall floor tile wants low, it is the problem that design and packing detail pay attention to more commonly on choose and buy so.


1. Mosaics produced by normal manufacturers should be printed with the manufacturer's trademark and the manufacturer's name.

2. The surface of the packing box shall also bear the product name, factory name, registered trademark, production date, color number, specification, quantity and weight (gross weight, net weight), moisture-proof, fragile, stacking direction, etc.

3. The box shall be lined with moisture-proof paper. The products shall be placed in a close and orderly manner.

The quality of

1. Check the toughness and strength of the backing paper. Qualified backing paper will not be torn during handling and normal construction.

2. Check the color uniformity. Generally, you can lay out several Mosaic tiles in a place full of light to test whether the gloss is even or not.

3. Check for cracks, defects, edge and Angle defects.

4. Observe the degree of color matching. Generally, the distribution area of decorative glass mosaics should be more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution is even.