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How to choose and buy and maintain household stone
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Stone when the choose and buy should pay attention to must first select the product of normal manufacturer, the thickness of the stone material will reach a certain standard, and stone material wear-resisting degree is when the choose and buy needs to consider one of the factors, is the price again, the so-called a penny a points goods, import stone material with high prices are often also a better quality, sold in the market now domestic stone and import stone stone main points two kinds, import stone quality is higher, more than double that of the latter than the former price also.

Also note when choose natural stone material, natural stone material quality depends on the stone material quality and processing technology, as a general rule, the stone material of uniform fine structure has exquisite texture, belong to the superior quality, thick bead and differ the stone material of a structure its exterior effect is poorer, mechanical performance is uneven, the quality is a bit poor, in addition, the decorative pattern on the surface of the stone color is an important index of evaluation of stone material quality.

In the respect of stone material maintain, want to notice above all, although stone material is hard, wear-resisting, but acid and alkali are stone material's counter star, if encounter acid-base, not again delicate spirit stone material also should appear a problem, also should use neuter cleaner when cleaning stone material.For natural stone material, after cleaning up a few special-purpose marble paraffin can have the effect that maintain, additional, teng qi long reminds, if what use in the home is geothermal, had better not cover carpet on stone material ground for a long time, can cause the color of stone material otherwise.