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How should stone carvings be repaired
- Dec 11, 2018 -

Time of handicraft of stone carving is long can appear damage, often suffer wind and sun to still can appear crack, so how to repair stone carving?Today I will tell you about the method of stone carving restoration.

First of all, the surface of the repair site to remove floating ash, oil and weathering loose matter, keep the surface dry, solid.

Secondly, the use of thick paper, cardboard, wood and other materials such as pre-carved templates block the need not repair parts.And then there's the repair

Mix the right amount of baking soda or a little rice flour with super glue to form a translucent glue. Add some powder that matches the color of the stone carving to fill the incomplete part of the stone carving.Wait for it to dry adequately after, compare finished product color and stone carving color are consistent.

The final step is to gently sand the area where the stone carving needs to be filled with sandpaper of high sand grain size and remove dust particles with a clean cloth.Wait for coating of surface layer stone slurry to dry after spraying a layer of waterproof paint.So the work of repairing the stone carvings was finished.

carving and sculpture001

carving and sculpture004