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Classification of sill panels
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Classification of sill panels

1.Marble Board 

If you choose the color texture ideal, then marble should be the preferred window sill.

The marble advantage is the color is beautiful, the texture is diverse, Mesa can prevent splash rain.

2. Granite Plate 

Granite texture is basically granular, color also have a variety of.

Its color and texture are inferior to marble, but it is more durable than marble.

3. Artificial Slate 

The texture of man-made stone does not have too many characteristics, but the color has more choice than the natural stone above.The use of artificial stone windowsill has, but not much.

4. Decorative panel 

Decorative panels as a window sill surface, a show is to follow the practice of window sets, but the surface is no longer bedding other materials, but directly using decorative panels.

This approach is generally applicable to narrow windowsill, the convex window is not very suitable.

5. Decorative Wood Line 

Decorative wood line To do the effect is somewhat similar to the park's long chair, this design is generally applicable to the convex window, and the winter is not too cold, summer is not too hot.

The main thing is that it is more affinity.