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Application of Landscape Stone
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The application of landscape stone is as follows:

  1. Lone view of Stone In the garden, often choose the ancient and beautiful, the shape and spirit of the Lake Stone, axe split stone, stalagmite stone, etc. placed in the main location of the garden, for viewing. With a considerable purport. Often become a scene in the garden.

  Stone as the main scene, in the environment has been given a certain purpose and emotional color, so that the stone has a unique artistic appeal, to attract people to watch.

  2. Scattered Stone View To Stone, twos, threes, scattered on the roadside, water, forest, foothills step edge, Building corner, with the terrain, planting flowers sometimes become a natural stool, sometimes become the base of potted plants, and sometimes become a local high difference, material changes in the transition, is a very natural embellishment and hints,

  This is the most widespread application of rocks in the garden.

  3. Step stone scenery, ting bu shi Jing

  With stone to do steps, ting step, with the division of space, Rich ground, water landscape and guided tour of the dual function of the route.

  4. The stone view of the bulkhead

  With a stone, or along the surface, or along the height difference changes in the foothills stacked, high and low scattered, the changes, the role of Bulkhead, also as retaining wall, while making the natural, beautiful.

  5. Waterfall Stone View Based on the landscape topography, rockfill, water diversion from the top down, forming a waterfall overfall. This practice commonly known as "Tubau Stone", is currently the most common rockery landscape practice.

  Natural waterfall as far as possible to conceal artificial traces, focusing on the embodiment of a natural flavor.

  6. Fountain Stone View

  Fountain stone scenery is the combination of stone scenery and waterscape, highlighting the artistic atmosphere.

  7. Sculpture Stone View Sculpture stone scenery refers to the granite, gravel, marble and other natural stone or man-made stone sculpture.

This technique is often used in the greening construction of Hefei, especially in the Amber Villa and the city of the ring.