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Advantages and disadvantages of granite sinks
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Granite is a kind of common stone material that decorates medium, the thing of this kind of material pledges is more still, cistern is one of them, but a lot of people do not know this respect, how is granite cistern after all?Many people are curious about the advantages and disadvantages of the granite tank, let's take a look.

How about a granite trough?

Granite (quartz) flume, made from granite (quartz) hardest high purity quartz material mixed with food grade high performance resin by high-tech process high temperature die-casting.It can resist the wear and tear of daily life such as sag, cut, rupture, dye and fight bacterium to wait, it is the best material of kitchen sink.

The design of granite cistern, colour diversity, very beautiful.It feels warm and soft.It's a modern kitchen pen that lights up the kitchen space.At the same time, granite cistern craft is whole one time is formed, very firm, to the kitchen with high utilization rate, this kind of birdbath is the most appropriate however.Granite sinks, formed a huge impact in the domestic market, but also injected new elements to the market in a flume, actually in the market in Europe, granite sink is very popular with the European people's a kind of modern sink, its quality of a material is solid, durable, exterior line can adopt marginalized or or rounded lines, and make the granite sink has both hard and looks at the same time with the quality of the tender feelings.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite flume:


1, high temperature resistant, high quality granite sink can resist high temperature above 280 ℃), suitable for Chinese cooking way;

2. Good antibacterial property. The granite flume can effectively prevent the regeneration of bacteria.

3. High hardness, strong scratch resistance, second only to diamond, scratch resistance and wear resistance;

4. Excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Even highly corrosive acidic food will not corrode the water tank;

5. Extremely low water absorption and oil absorption, easy to maintain;

6. The granite water tank has rich and diversified colors. With the popularization of quartz countertops, the granite water tank is equipped with various quartz countertops, showing more nobility and charm, and also making the whole kitchen more harmonious.

7. No oil coating, no sticky dust, easy maintenance, easy maintenance, long service life;

8. The raw materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-radioactive.


1. The granite is easy to slide after absorbing water, so there are requirements on the installation. It is better not to be installed in a humid environment.

2. The price is relatively expensive. Compared with the stainless steel water tank, the granite water tank is more expensive.